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2 years ago

4 ancient great inventions of ancient China

4 ancient great inventions of ancient China

In ancient China there are 4 great inventions that changed the world not only at the very moment they are invented, but also the thousand years to come. 
The invention of paper was in Han Dynasty 105 A.C., CaiLun created the way of making cost-less, light-weight, and easy-to-write-on paper, that changed the way people write forever. Before that, people of ancient China have to write on bamboo that is cut into thin slices, which is neither easy to carry nor to preserve. Only rich people can write on silk, which will cost a LOT of money.
The invention of gunpowder come to the world in about 1000 A.C., gunpowder was created accidentally by Chinese alchemist while trying to combine sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate together, heated, then goes BOOM!!! That invention literally changed the war forever.
The invention of movable-type printing dates back to 1041-1048 A.C., invented by BiSheng, the traditional printing method was unable to correct the error in the process, but the movable-type printing changed that forever. 
As for the invention of compass (or Si Nan) dates back to ZhanGuo times of China, it looks like a spoon placed on a flat disk, the compass changed the way people know the world. The great Chinese sailor ZhengHe was able to sail across the Indian ocean to the east coast of Africa thanks to the compass.

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